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Language Arts
Every campus should begin the school year
identifying the qualities of a highly effective
teacher that enhance teacher-student
relationships and inspire students to learn.

This workshop can be characterized as an
interactive, motivating, and sensitivity training
that highlights those qualities that make
teachers and students successful.  These
fundamental qualities are not addressed in
teacher colleges or ACP programs, yet are
essential to motivating and inspiring students.  
Participants leave with an interactive resource
manual and a renewed sense of service.

Target Audience:  
Teachers, Administrators/K-12

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Senior Class Trips
College Tours

Gibbs Travel
Staff Development Workshops
Teaching From Heart to Heart:  Seven Essential Inner
Qualities of a Highly Effective Teacher
Target Audience: Teachers,
Instructional Specialists,
Administrators, K-12
Target Audience:  Teachers,
Instructional Coaches, K-12
Target Audience:  Teachers,
Specialists, K-12

More Professional Development
It is difficult to teach or
reach students that are not
motivated to learn.
This workshop gives educators
the researched-driven tools
needed to stimulate a  genuine
sustaining excitement and
motivation in students that
ensures a substantial increase in
academic achievement both in
the classroom and on district
and state assessments.
How can students learn in a
classroom that is bordering on

Participants will receive
research-driven, cutting edge
behavior and classroom
management strategies, activities,
methods, and tools that will
facilitate a positive change in even
the most hard-to-reach and/or
challenging student.

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Literacy instruction is the
responsibility of all educators,
regardless of content.

Participants will leave with a
plethora of research-based
strategies and activities that focus
on building the thinking, writing,
reading, problem-solving, and
interaction skills of students in their
classroom.   ESL students and the
highly gifted are specifically

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