Science Tutoring
         Grades 5-8, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry
The tutor's task is to promote productivity, learning, and confidence...
SEC has been improving the academic achievement of
students since 2006.  Whether it is through providing quality
professional development opportunities for teachers or
offering classroom support through mentoring, student
success is our number one goal.  We support struggling
students by providing targeted instruction to help them
grow academically, working with the student's school and
teachers to ensure alignment with the curriculum, applying
real-world applications to teach specified goals and
objectives, and to promote self-motivation through
hands-on activities.
To increase academic achievement in
the classroom
To prepare student for success on
end-of-course exams such as STAAR
For academic enrichment
35.00 /Hour

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Science (Grades 5-8, Physical Science, Biology,
  • Scientific Investigation and Reasoning
  • Organisms and the Environment
  • Matter and Energy
  • Force and Motion
  • Earth and Space