Privacy and Confidentiality Statement
Counseling often involves sharing sensitive, personal, and private information by clients with
the counselor.  A trusting relationship between counselor and counselee is essential.  Feelings
of trust and safety are critical for persons to grow, learn, about themselves, and effect a
positive change in their life.   Consultations are private and no one outside of the counselor
and counselee is given any information regarding what is revealed in counseling or even that
you have made an appointment to see a counselor unless we have your written permission to
do so.  This includes, but is not limited to, family, spouse, friends, co-workers, prefessors,
church members, or anyone else outside of the counseling session.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

If we believe that you are immediately and seriously dangerous to yourself or to an
identifiable third person, we are legally required to try to keep you safe and to warn anyone
else you might try to harm.  Also, if we hear about child or elder abuse taking place in the
present, we are required to report this to appropriate state authorities.
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